W7396 South Long Lake Road

Phillips, Wisconsin 54555

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Call or Text: 715.820.3881


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Owners Jerad & Regina
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Veterans Fishing Camp
Pet Policy
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More  About the  Resort:

We have 5 cabins...

...and 1 Lake House.

Kid's Playset
Water  Rafts
Fish House

Gradual stairs down to the Lake...

Swim in the cove...

Fish off the docks...

Jump off the rafts!





Pet Policy

All friendly dogs are welcome at a rate of $25/dog up to 2 nights & $50/dog for 3 or more nights. You are responsible for your dog at all times and will be held accountable for any damages done by your dog. If your dog has a tendency to bark while you are away, you will be asked to take the dog with you on your next outing.

**Dogs are not allowed on furniture in the Lake House.**